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Bobby Steinbach

Pythonista, Jiu Jitsu Ninja

redditor, builder, and netflix watcher
Previously Director of Engineering @ Morgan & Morgan
Founding Partner @ MeanPug Digital

Hey there! I'm a developer, leader, and entrepreneur living and working out of NYC. Drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you.

Hey There!

I’m Bobby. Currently, I’m living and working out of NYC where I’m a Founding Partner of MeanPug Digital.

In a past life I was a more active blogger. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much fallen by the wayside (completely) over the past few years.

That said, there were a few posts that received a decent reception, including:

Many of my projects are a bit more sensitive in nature (a crypto cross-exchange arbitrage bot, for example) so I can’t put them here, unfortunately. But if you buy me a coffee, I’d love to share :)

Anyways, here is a less comprehensive list of things I’ve worked on:

World Cup Challenge (

The World Cup Challenge was a competition put forth by FootballRadar which asked its participants to write a program that would - for each team in the World Cup - print out the probability of that team being knocked out in group, 2nd round, etc. and ending with the probability of that team winning the cup. My model happened to be the winning one and relied on a number of different factors to choose probabilities including:

  • player skill scores
  • team chemistry scores
  • fifa rank
  • number of “stars” on the team
  • and past international results

PyChorus (

I wish I had spent more time with this, but my attention ended up getting pulled elsewhere. The goal of the project was to isolate the chorus of a given song, either printing out the boundaries or cutting the segment out into a separate sound file depending on command line switches.