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Bobby Steinbach

Pythonista, Jiu Jitsu Ninja

redditor, builder, and netflix watcher
Previously Director of Engineering @ Morgan & Morgan
Founding Partner @ MeanPug Digital

Hey there! I'm a developer, leader, and entrepreneur living and working out of NYC. Drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you.

A basic bottle opener with detachable cap catcher. The newspaper cutouts are all done with decoupage. In hindsight, the lettering comes off a little serial killer-ey, but yolo.

Not really sure what the utility in these are, but thought it would be a fun project. In the end, they make for a pretty cool place to put your drink.

A fastener-less table. All connections were made via mortise and tenon joints. All joints were carved with hammer and chisel, not a painless process let me tell you.