Bobby's Face

Bobby Steinbach

Pythonista, Jiu Jitsu Ninja

redditor, builder, and netflix watcher
Previously Director of Engineering @ Morgan & Morgan
Founding Partner @ MeanPug Digital

Hey there! I'm a developer, leader, and entrepreneur living and working out of NYC. Drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you.

Morgan & Morgan

December 2016 - Present

At Morgan & Morgan, I’ve experienced tremendous personal growth. Coming in as a Lead Developer, my initial focus was on streamlining our teams’ development process, modernizing infrastructure, and maintaining and expanding our family of sites. Since March 2018, my position has been switched to Director of Engineering and - with that - has come a host of new responsibilities. These days I’m primarily occupied with managing the engineering team’s development, supporting and interfacing with the analytics and paid media teams, and (the best part of my job!) building out high-value growth services and products.


June 2014 - November 2016

As the first engineering hire at Rukkus, I found myself at an extremely ambitious startup trying to pull tickets from various services with extremely low latency, build out VR experiences, analyze trawls of data to build predictive models, and implement highly interactive venue maps. It was extremely ambitious! I was extremely fortunate in that I got to take part in, and in many cases lead, these initiatives.


September 2013 - April 2014

TheShelf was my first position after graduating college and where I first started developing my love of startups (and entrepreneurship). Being the first engineering hire at the influencer analytics company, I developed a great relationship with the founders, built out the platform, and aided in developing company strategy and culture. Unfortunately, the company was based in Las Vegas and - though its a great place to visit - living there is just, not the best. So, as much as I loved the company and people, I was forced to resign in order to come back to the East Coast.